Allowing Rest

I tend to be a pusher. Always pushing myself. Always in motion. Resting is hard for me. Resting makes me uncomfortable. I try to rest and I have thoughts like…You shouldn’t be resting. You have so much to do. You didn’t do enough. You don’t deserve to rest. So, I rest, but it’s not good… Continue reading Allowing Rest

The Canvas

The world is dark.Heavy.Consuming. She hugs her knees.With her head down.Eyes closed. Nobody knows.The darkness is her secret.She feels so alone. There’s no use screaming.No one is coming to save her.She just wants the darkness to take her. But, something inside her knows light exists.Even if it feels so far away. Something inside her believes.That… Continue reading The Canvas

Holding Hands

I recently attended a virtual meetup for people with upper limb differences, and the topic of holding hands came up. Spontaneous hand holding like at a church service can be quite anxiety provoking, especially if you have a limb difference and you’re not able to hold hands with someone you know. Having someone you don’t… Continue reading Holding Hands

Dear Hand

I was born with a limb difference and decided to write a letter to my hand for Valentine’s Day: Dear Hand, You are the reason I was bullied. I feel embarrassed to show you to people. I hate getting stared at everywhere I go. And you are causing it. It’s your fault. I hate you.… Continue reading Dear Hand