You’re Not Alone

Why does it feel like you’re the only one who’s feeling lonely? Like everyone else is happy? Like everyone is having fun without you? Like the entire world is in motion and you’re not a part of it? Why do you feel invisible, forgotten, like you’re on the outside looking in? Like everyone else has… Continue reading You’re Not Alone

The Phoenix

She was a caged birdWho was afraid to fly. She triedAnd she fell.  Severely wounded,She had a choice. To surviveOr to die. There was a fire inside herThat gave her strength. And an inner knowingThat she could fly. So, ashesTurned to embers. Until, there was a sparkOf life.  She perseveredAnd she learned. The farther she… Continue reading The Phoenix

Mending Her Heart

Her heart was closed, heavy, tight. Filled withAbandonment, loneliness, doubtPain, insecurity, fear Shame, lack, despair.  It was all too much to bear.So, her heart cracked, broke, shattered. But, she realized she needed that releaseIn order to start healing.  Others couldn’t do it for herBecause she needed to be the menderOf her own heart.  So, carefully, tenderly,… Continue reading Mending Her Heart

Taking Leaps

I’ve never been great at relaxing and going with the flow. That doesn’t come easy to someone like me, with anxiety and a tendency to overthink. I remember being three years old and annoying my babysitter because we’d be eating breakfast and I’d be asking what we’re having for lunch.  Knowing the plan makes me… Continue reading Taking Leaps

Seasons of Life

There is a timeTo restTo workTo play. There is a timeFor sorrowFor joyFor apathy. There is a timeFor contemplation For solitudeFor socializing. This is a timeTo honorWhereYou’re at.  All areValidNecessary Seasons.