My thoughts are spinning. Faster and faster. In circles. Out of control. Until I get dizzy. They get distorted. They don’t even make sense. But, I start to believe the thoughts. I can’t stop the thoughts. I just want them to stop but they keep on spinning. Faster and faster. I feel suffocated. I can’t… Continue reading Anxiety

Remember Your Voice

BulliedIntoSubmission I wasAfraidTo speak I stoppedUsingMy voice ItFeltLost But I didn’t need toFindMy voice I neededToRemember That IHADA voice It wasNeverLost It wasAlwaysThere It was justSuppressedForgotten I neededToRemember That IDeservedTo speak AsDoYOU It’s timeWe rememberOur voices Because we allDeserveTo speak You deserveTo useYour voice BecauseYour VoiceMatters RememberYourVoice


For most of my lifeI have struggled with loneliness. Loneliness gets in my headAnd fills my mind with lies. That it will always be this wayThat I’ll always feel alone. That no one else feels this wayAnd I am alone in my loneliness. The more I thought about it,The more I realized. Loneliness is commonAnd… Continue reading Loneliness

I Speak

I speak For my younger self Who felt like she couldn’t.  I speakTo show her That her voice matters.  I speak Because she deserves To be heard.  I speak When it feelsScary.  I speak When my voiceShakes.  I speakBecause my words Are needed.  I speakTo show people They can too.  I speak Because my voice Has power.  I speakBecause my words Matter.  I speakBecause I have value.  I… Continue reading I Speak

Limb Different

I was born differentTo teachThe world That IAmNOT DeformedDefectiveBroken. Rather,IAM Limb differentBeautifulWhole. I wasNotA mistake And IDeserveTo be here. How I lookIs exactlyAs it should be. Every part of meIsLoved.