Holding Hands

I recently attended a virtual meetup for people with upper limb differences, and the topic of holding hands came up. Spontaneous hand holding like at a church service can be quite anxiety provoking, especially if you have a limb difference and you’re not able to hold hands with someone you know. Having someone you don’t… Continue reading Holding Hands

Dear Hand

I was born with a limb difference and decided to write a letter to my hand for Valentine’s Day: Dear Hand, You are the reason I was bullied. I feel embarrassed to show you to people. I hate getting stared at everywhere I go. And you are causing it. It’s your fault. I hate you.… Continue reading Dear Hand

I Have the Power

Sometimes I get so down on myself when I slip back into old patterns, like I “should” know better. I’m “more evolved” than this. During these times I’ve found it helpful to reflect back on how far I’ve come. I seriously have grown SO MUCH. I’ve been speaking and living my truth so much more.… Continue reading I Have the Power

Choosing to Be Naked

You know that bad dream where you’re at school completely naked?   Living with a physical difference, I feel like this everyday. My biggest insecurity on display for the world to see. Lingering stares, occasionally children pointing. It’s a very vulnerable feeling.  Sometimes I just pull my sleeve over my hand or put it in my… Continue reading Choosing to Be Naked