Limb Different

I was born differentTo teachThe world That IAmNOT DeformedDefectiveBroken. Rather,IAM Limb differentBeautifulWhole. I wasNotA mistake And IDeserveTo be here. How I lookIs exactlyAs it should be. Every part of meIsLoved.

My Power

My power Used to be for the taking.  Up for grabsBy anyone.  I felt weakAnd powerless.  I didn’t knowThat it could be different.  I didn’t knowThat it could be mine.  My power Is not for the taking.  My power Belongs to me.  I am ready and willingTo take back my power.  To claim it as mineAnd mine only. … Continue reading My Power

Mixed Messages

Be assertiveBut don’t be a bitch. Have your own opinionBut don’t disagree with me. Love who you wantBut don’t talk about it. Express your sexualityBut don’t be a slut. Be sensitiveBut don’t be a baby. Show your emotionsBut why are you crying? Have your own needsBut don’t let them interfere with mine.  Have boundariesBut let… Continue reading Mixed Messages


She walkedWith uncertainty. Shoulders slumpedHead downEyes to the ground. Unsure of herselfAnd her valueShe felt invisible. She walkedWith confidence. Shoulders backHead upEyes to the world. She stood tallOwning her worthAnd, she was noticed.