Dear Baby Kari

I was looking through old photos and decided to write a letter to my baby self. For reference, I was born with limb differences on my right hand and both feet…. Dear Baby Kari, Welcome to the world, little one.  I know you arrived looking differently than expected and that is causing worry among your… Continue reading Dear Baby Kari

“Finding” Love

I’ve been thinking about how society associates love with having a romantic partner. If you’re single, you can’t possibly be fulfilled in the love department. You must go “find” it outside of yourself.    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be anyone’s complete source of love. Love doesn’t need to be attached… Continue reading “Finding” Love


Stop crying.Don’t be such a baby.I’ll give you something to cry about. Crying is bad.Crying is shameful.Crying is not an option. Hold it in.Be strong. Don’t cry.  Numb.Walls up.Guarded. The pain is too much.I can’t take it anymore.I can’t keep it all inside.  Let it out.Be strong.Cry.  Cleanse. Release. Renew. Crying is good.Crying is healthy.Crying is medicine. To… Continue reading Cry