Loving Sadness

Sadness is buried.

I feel heavy. 


Tired of saying I’m ok when I’m not. 

I don’t like telling people when I’m feeling sad. 

I feel like I don’t like who I am when I feel sad. 

Who am I if I can’t be happy and uplift people?

I hate my sadness. 


Who I am is a human being.

Who has good days. 

And bad days.

And SAD days. 

And to expect me to be happy all the time is unrealistic. 

Sometimes I struggle. 

And I need that to be ok.

We aren’t meant to be happy 24/7. 

Without sadness, we wouldn’t know happiness. 

All emotions serve a purpose. 

I need to make feeling sad ok.

I need to like myself when I feel sad.

I need to offer sadness my love too.