When You Look in the Mirror

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?



Do you constantly compare yourself to others and feel less than?

Why do we pick ourselves apart?

Why are we so MEAN to ourselves? 

You know how you look at your friends and think they are beautiful?

Why can’t we do that with ourselves? 

Why don’t we look at ourselves with that same love?

I will admit, I do tend to default to noticing flaws when I look in the mirror.

I’m being more mindful of treating myself like a friend would, though.

When I look at myself through the eyes of love,

I see someone who is freaking adorable and who has an amazing fashion sense, I might add.

Someone who has a joyful smile and beautiful brown eyes that light up when she smiles.

Fabulous thick brown hair that has a pretty red tint to it in the sunlight.   

A beautiful, slender frame – tiny and petite, like a fairy.

Her ears are fairy like too, slightly pointed out.

She even has wings. 😉

I see a unique and special right hand.

I see perfection.

I see someone who is not only physically beautiful, but who has a beautiful soul. 

I see courage and perseverance. 

I see strength and vulnerability. 

I see authenticity. 

I see love.

I see someone learning to stand in her power. 

And I am so proud of her!

I see someone who is trying the best she can and needs to remember to give herself a break.

I see someone who deserves to be loved, not criticized. 

When you look at yourself through the eyes of love, what do you see?