Mending Her Heart

Her heart was closed, heavy, tight.

Filled with
Abandonment, loneliness, doubt
Pain, insecurity, fear 
Shame, lack, despair. 

It was all too much to bear.
So, her heart cracked, broke, shattered.

But, she realized she needed that release
In order to start healing. 

Others couldn’t do it for her
Because she needed to be the mender
Of her own heart. 

So, carefully, tenderly, lovingly 
She started picking up the pieces.

As she started believing in herself, 
Her heart started to sparkle. 

She needed to learn
She had the power
To heal her own heart.

Her heart is now open, light, expansive. 

Filled with
Awareness, wisdom, growth
Love, joy, peace
Trust, abundance, hope. 

And, she has gratitude for the lesson
That her heart needed to break to open
And let the light in.