The Canvas

The world is dark.

She hugs her knees.
With her head down.
Eyes closed.

Nobody knows.
The darkness is her secret.
She feels so alone.

There’s no use screaming.
No one is coming to save her.
She just wants the darkness to take her.

But, something inside her knows light exists.
Even if it feels so far away.

Something inside her believes.
That she’s worth it.

So, little by little she starts to open.
She learns to love herself.
She starts to see pretty pink flowers among the darkness.

The darkness is there.
But it feels a little lighter.

She opens wider.
She starts to let other people love her.
More and more flowers of every color start blooming.

She starts to feel joy.

The world is filled with color.
And she doesn’t feel so alone.

She is surrounded by so much beauty.
She just needed to open her eyes.

The light was always there.
She just needed to let it in.

She no longer fears the darkness.
Because the darkness was the canvas.
For such beautiful light.