Speaking Out Loud

You know when you’re having a conversation with someone and they express a viewpoint that you disagree with, but you just politely nod along because you’re afraid of what they’ll think about what you have to say? So, you stay silent. Which might feel like the safe choice at the time, but then you beat yourself up for not saying anything. And, you lose respect for yourself. 

For my whole life, I’ve been that person. Holding back. Easier to just nod along and avoid potential confrontation than speak up.

I have this knee jerk reaction of bracing myself for an attack when I say something I feel like might be controversial or that the person might not take well. 

I’m getting to the point where I’m challenging myself to express myself more out loud. I do pretty well if it’s in writing, but I’m talking about using my physical VOICE. Let me tell you, the times I’ve been able to do this have felt scary, intimidating, amazing, freeing, empowering. Self respect – earned!  

I’m a person who provides a loving, safe, supportive environment for others to share their truth, and I’m learning that I deserve the same.   

I’m also realizing it comes down to intent. Am I speaking in a heart-centered, loving, respectful, compassionate way? Am I sharing *my* truth, *my* experience, and not pushing an agenda on you, not expecting you to share my viewpoint? 

If I’m coming from that space, then, frankly, I don’t give a FUCK what you think. I will NOT be held responsible for your reaction. 

I deserve to disagree with you. I deserve to have a different viewpoint.