I Have the Power

Sometimes I get so down on myself when I slip back into old patterns, like I “should” know better. I’m “more evolved” than this. During these times I’ve found it helpful to reflect back on how far I’ve come.

I seriously have grown SO MUCH. I’ve been speaking and living my truth so much more. I’ve been setting boundaries. I’ve been allowing myself to think of myself first and my own comfort level. 

I’ve been speaking up more when something has been bothering me. I’ve actually been saying what I’m thinking instead of holding back because I’m afraid of what other people might think of what I say.  

I’ve been discerning as to where I put my energy, really paying attention and honoring how my body and mind feel when I eat or drink something, when I spend time with people, when I attend events, what groups I’m in, etc. I’ve been saying “no” to things that don’t feel right, and I’ve been having difficult conversations in that process. I’ve become an even better communicator. 

I’ve been true to myself and advocating for myself. Acting in my best interest and making necessary adjustments/changes. Realizing this is my life, and I’m in control. I have the final say. I have the power in my own life. I’m finally owning my power. 

Trusting myself. RESPECTING myself. Loving and accepting myself. Realizing how beautiful I am and what a gift I am. Knowing how me showing up and being me makes a positive impact in the world. 

So, on those down days, I try to remember that I have the power.