Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting – The Value of Self Compassion

During these past few months I have not been making as much progress in my career as I would have liked. I would beat myself up, telling myself I “should” be working harder, frustrated that I couldn’t seem to get motivated.

Then I got to thinking. What else has been going on in my life? I realized I have been making great strides in other areas – saying “no” more often, setting boundaries and being firm with them, feeling my feelings, and being self-honoring in my choices. No wonder I have been feeling more exhausted lately. All of that has been wonderful for my personal growth, but it has also taken a lot of energy.

If you feel like you are struggling in one area, examine where else in your life you might be making progress, and celebrate that. We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect in every area of life. Sometimes we need to slow down and concentrate on some areas more than others, and that’s ok.

Listen to your body, and rest if you need to rest. I felt guilty for listening to my body’s yearning for rest, when my mind was telling me I needed to be more productive. Resting *can* be productive, though. You are giving your body and mind time to recharge, so you can have the energy to be more productive in the future.

Be compassionate with yourself. You will make progress eventually when you feel ready, even if it feels slow or insignificant. I have been taking baby steps everyday to continue my writing career and can feel the momentum building. I feel proud of myself for being more patient and self-honoring along the way.

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