Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting – Mindful Moments

My brain seems to be constantly on overdrive. I’m an expert at overthinking and overanalyzing. Planning, preparing, catastrophizing. My brain just physically HURTS sometimes.

I try my best to remember the concept of mindfulness when my brain seems to be spinning out of control. So many of my thoughts are future oriented. Sometimes I even find myself getting worked up or even straight up upset about something that I imagine will happen. I try to take a mindful breath during those times and tell myself the thoughts in my head are not reality. This is not REAL! Why am I wasting my energy on something that is not currently happening and might not ever happen?

Yes, I have anxiety, so maybe my brain is wired a bit more to worry than the average person. But, I’m determined not to let my thoughts take over. I’m also trying something else to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life. Today I made a point to really be present when I washed my hair. I took extra time and attention to massage my scalp. I told my brain to just relax. Even if it’s just for a few minutes in the shower. To just, be. There’s nothing to worry about in that moment. It felt so good to take a mindful moment to treat myself to a soothing scalp massage.

In what ways can you incorporate mindful moments into your daily life?

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