Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting – Making Decisions from Your Gut

How do you make a decision? Especially when both options have so many pros and cons? When there’s really not one particular option that jumps out at you as the better choice?

I know some people think about it more logically, and make a pros and cons list. But, I’m a much more emotional person, and tend to make decisions by how they feel to me. Does this *feel* right? I’ve had experiences where in theory something sounded like it would be the better choice. On paper, it seemed perfect. However, my gut feeling said it wasn’t right for me. Often, I have ignored my gut feeling for logic. And, pretty much every time I’ve regretted it.

It can be difficult to even get in touch with your gut feeling. The choice can seem impossible because the options appear almost equal. You can feel like your gut isn’t really telling you one way or the other. But, looking back, deep down, I always knew what felt more right.

Sometimes I haven’t listened to my gut because that choice felt like the scarier of the two, or went against logic or what other people thought I should do. I wish in those instances I would have been kinder to myself, though. Change can be scary, and if you choose the safer or more comfortable option, you might just not have been ready. Instead of beating yourself up, look at it like you were trying to protect yourself, which can be a good thing. And when you’re ready for change, to choose the “scary” option, you’ll know. Your gut feeling will be so strong that you can’t help but choose the scarier option. But, remember to be gentle and patient with yourself in the meantime.

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